Window Java Build server

Creating a Java build server on windows Technologies used. SVN – Version Control. Apache httpd server – Serve contents Java – Required to build java projects (duh), needed by nexus, tomcat and maven. Tomcat – Required to run Hudson (note Hudson will work on other application containers, tomcat is my container of choice) mod_jk – […]


Blurry Thats not something you want your photos to be or is it. This morning I was out with Connor my son. And I deliberately took a blurry photograph of him. I was trying to do something different you know. So he was out of focus in the background. I couldn’t get him to look […]

More Camera Fun

In my first post about getting a DSLR camera. I promised that I’d put up a few examples of pictures that I wouldn’t have attempted to take if I was using a film camera.  So I guess I really should, so here they are. Okay first up is an HDR image of Ocean Village Gibraltar.  […]