New Lunar Image

Okay so I’ve been out photographing the moon again. I tried at two seperate times tonight. The first time went quite well so I was pleased with that. However I felt the focus could have been a bit better on the subject. The second time I went out with more or less the same settings however I tried to manually focus on the moon.

It all looked great through the view finder so I set the exposure compensation to -2 stops (the minimum on my camera) and the exposure bracketing to +-2. So basically that was one photo at -4 one at -2 and one at 0. However disaster even with these settings when I clicked the shutter It was over exposing the image. (I took 50 shots and verified on the computer but not even one of them was properly exposed). Looking at the EXIF data they were a lot slower than the origional shots so what am I doing wrong? I’m not sure what metering mode my camera was in. Update: I just turned it on now and it was in partial metering mode.

Is it because the sky was lighter in my original shots that the camera chose a different time for the shots one which gave good exposure? Indeed I took the photograph when the sky was still blue. (but not very blue). How do I get decent exposure?

Anyway here is my favourite attempt from the first shoot. I’ve had to increase sharpness in raw mode and also add back in some brightness.Hey its the moon.

If anyone would tell me how to get correct exposure I’d be grateful.

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