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March 11, 2010 0

Connor gazing at ceiling

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Connor gazing at ceiling Originally uploaded by Athas-orm This is one of my favourite pictures of Connor at the moment. I really want to post a bit more here but I can never find the time to get around to it. Pretty busy with the model in this photograph. Anyway Its good to put something […]

February 2, 2010 0

Saturday Morning Churros

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On Saturday mornings I often take Connor into the square in town for Churros. Churros are a Spanish type of batter which they eat as breakfast. These are taken the same day as “blurry” Anyway he loves them. I don’t want to forget how excited he gets about them. Once they arrive he really digs […]


January 19, 2010 2

More Camera Fun

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In my first post about getting a DSLR camera. I promised that I’d put up a few examples of pictures that I wouldn’t have attempted to take if I was using a film camera.  So I guess I really should, so here they are. Okay first up is an HDR image of Ocean Village Gibraltar.  […]

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